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Welcome to Pan African Forum


With a passion for protecting human rights

With a passion for protecting human rights and deep, abiding respect for humanity, Pan African Forum is a nonprofit organization that fights for human rights worldwide.We have a dedicated team of like-minded individuals who take great pride in defending all human rights to ensure people keep their respect and dignity. We work side by side with other activists around the world to expand our reach and help as many people as we possibly can. Our staff understands how essential it is to have basic human rights, and we push back against people or organizations who seek to strip them away. Our team has experience fighting against war crimes, racism, and crimes against humanity on a global scale. We do so today in the hope that one day, we won’t have to. We act at regional, national, and international levels to support our mission and outreach efforts to address human rights abuses and violations.


We focus on racism, crimes against humanity, and war crimes all over the world because we believe that everyone is entitled to live their most fulfilled lives free of fear. Pan African Forum encourages firm and fair leadership, so we press those people in power to rule under the law and respect human rights. When these people fail to do so, we step in and demand accountability, reform, and justice. All over the world, we work to use our influence to secure basic freedoms for people from all walks of life. We understand that it’s not enough to protest and expose injustice, so we create the environment and solutions necessary to ensure there is consistent and constant respect for humanity. No matter if we are combating war crimes, defending persecuted people, or preventing crimes against humanity, we focus on making a difference rather than making a point. For years, we teamed with activists on the front lines and lawyers to take on global challenges that demand leadership. We want to get concrete results that have a lasting and tangible impact on people’s lives around the world. To get these results, we launch campaigns with specific goals in mind.



Pan African Forum Has a Tiered Approach

We have designed a uniquely practical approach with our nonprofit organization that has a history of producing results. We believe that all people have fundamental human rights they should never go without. But these human rights get denied or abused every day. When this happens, we use our approach to expose what’s happening and rally like-minded people together to force the local governments to respect those rights