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We are a human rights defense organization that campaigns for all human rights, dignity, and respect to humanity on a global scale. Working together, we take steps to prevent crimes against humanity, racism, and war crimes. We accomplish this by offering support and resources with advocacy and educational programs that create supportive and safe environments for people to grow and thrive. 

Our mission is to take action on an international, national, and regional level to support our core beliefs and our outreach efforts to address violations and abuses of human rights. We firmly believe that every human has the fundamental right to live their most fulfilling lives without encountering forces that seek to strip them away.

We start from the highest points of power and work our way down to gain the most traction in the shortest amount of time to demand justice and accountability for people all over the world. We want to shine a spotlight on these human rights crimes and drag them out into the light of day. Uncovering these slights can force people in positions of power to act and restore dignity and respect for people in these areas.

Calling attention and gathering support make up the core of our mission, and we spread it throughout the world in an encompassing net of dedicated staff and volunteers. These people are instrumental to our success, and they bring a passion and a burning desire to see everything put to rights. 

We’re working toward a brighter future for humankind all around the world. Our mission is to restore dignity one person at a time.

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