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Pan-African Forum

Statute of Pan-African Forum on Rights and Development (PAFRD).


WHEREAS it is the inherent right of people everywhere in the world to live in peace and dignity and that they enjoy an adequate standard of living; where the respect of human rights prevails as guaranteed by the Charter of the United Nations; the Universal Bill of Human Rights and relevant international and regional human rights instruments;

AND WHEREAS despite domestic and international efforts to protect human rights and humanitarian law, the world is the scene of serious violations thereof; and that countless civilians lose their lives and livelihoods due to discrimination and conflicts; while others face threats to their safety and personal integrity or live in miserable conditions lacking basic needs indispensable for human dignity, well-being and sane human development;

AND WHEREAS people of African-descent on the continent of Africa and elsewhere in the world have been facing mandate and natural calamities manifested by years ofinjustices, exploitation and armed conflicts and socio-economic underdevelopment; aswell as drought and desertification and that the affected regions face competition amonggrowing human and animal populations over declining natural resources base;AND WHEREAS addressing human rights crisis situations requires mobilization ofresources from all peace-loving people and that concerned individuals and groups rallybehind efforts to contain potential crisis situations and to tackle their root causes; andWHEREAS a group of activists from the USA and other parts of the world committedthemselves to work together in a global pan-African non-governmental organization forpolicy advocacy on issues of human rights and sustainable development.